Breast Cancer Research and TreatmentA�September 1991,A�Volume 19,A�Issue 1,A�pp 33-37


The evaluability and reliability of proliferative activity (expressed as3H-thymidine labeling index,3H-TdR LI) and ploidy determinations on core needle biopsies were compared with those obtained on surgical material from the same breast cancers. The evaluability of3H-TdR LI on core needle biopsies was markedly lower than that on surgical material (53% vs 100%), and the association between3H-TdR LI values in the 16 cases with both evaluable determinations was poor (rs=0.45). Conversely, determinations of ploidy on core needle biopsy and surgical material provided superimposable results, in terms of evaluability (91% vs 100%) and reliability (rs=0.99). Further efforts are needed to improve sampling procedures for a reliable assessment of biological markers.



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